How to plant a Miyawaki mini forest?

Let’s improve our direct & local environment!



What can I do for the planet?

This is the only question we should have from now on!

For sure, first, we have to change our habits and reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, in all its forms. But we also need positive actions to keep the faith and continue to increase our efforts.

We have to think about what should be our next move, to actively improve the current situation. Trees are the best “technology” for climate balance. In all the possible active means, Reforestation represents a powerful tool in our fight. Do not wait for governments to take actions for climate change, Do It Yourself!

Planting a mini forest is a great starting action. It will become a visible, direct and local commitment of individuals, companies or communities.

Making an Impact across the Globe

On this website, you will learn how to plant your own Miyawaki mini forest. Together and step by step, you will discover mini forests. You can start small, at home, in your garden and then scale to larger projects.

Thanks to the Miyawaki method and other secret tips, I will show you that anyone can plant trees and scale to native forests. With this simple, quick and efficient plantation of trees, you will reconnect with Nature and do your part towards biodiversity protection and climate control. With the right method, everyone can plant a Miyawaki mini forest. Every backyard can become a mini forest. You may start with a width of only 4 meters!

Just imagine if all the buildings had a Miyawaki forest, the number of green corridors we can create, to welcome back biodiversity. This common mini forest effort, as a community, can have a mass effect for the planet!

Technical Advice

We will share with you the best practices on planting.

Easy, even if you start from scratch! 

Optimized effort

We have identified what really matters in the Miyawaki method.

Saving some time and efforts.

Safe And Secure

We want to make sure that you will be proud of your own thriving Miyawaki mini forest! 

Bringing you the best results!