A step by step process

Dr Akira Miyawaki is a Japanese botanist.

He developed during his whole life a planting method, inspired by Nature. The goal is to recreate Native forests.

Step 1 – Define the project


First, you need to find the site location for your plantation.

It can be the backyard of your home, the courtyard of your school/university, a free space in your city or the side of your company building…

Next, you have to find the money for the project: your own money, crowd funding, participative budget from your city, contribution from companies…

And finally, the best part, you need to build a great team around the project. In the end, you will organize a Plantation Festival. The more, the merrier!

Step 2 – Identify the Native species


It’s time for a nice walk in the Nature!

Go scouting for local species you will find in the neighborhood. For that, we will share a free and powerful tool. These trees will be the most suitable for your site. Prefer a hike in a Natural Reserve where humankind never tried to plant trees from other regions/countries.

Reading scientific books, discussing with elder people or meeting with local botanical experts are of course valuable in listing potential natural vegetation.

Step 3 – Prepare the soil


To favor the growth of your coming saplings, it is necessary to study the land, and bring what will be necessary to enrich it (manure, bark…).

And other secret tips we will share with you…

Step 4 – Perform the plantation

This is the fun and the most satisfying part of the project.

Create an event around the plantation. Bring Family and Friends, and in some cases even a community of citizens.

Spend the day planting young saplings and everybody will enjoy this Happy Plantation Festival!