Amazing results

The results are just astonishing thanks to the Miyawaki methodology.

You have to practice and see it to believe it!

We will share here some examples.

10x faster

20x more biodiversity 

30x more density 

Few examples of

Miyawaki micro forests

More than 2000 Miyawaki forests have already been planted worldwide.

Campus of Yokohama, Japan


Hirohata Works, Nippon Steel Corp., Hyogo district, Japan


Kashihara Road, Nara district, Japan


Additonal examples of Miyawaki mini forests around the world

Examples of Miyawaki mini forests
A Before-After comparison of a Miyawaki mini forest done two years after the plantation of trees to rewild a green corridor

One last shot of motivation

Even Han Solo / Indiana Jones wants you to take action for reforestation!